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Wrap it up…but good

You know a great photographer from the look of his subjects. These were not taken by the same artist but the looks in those eyes should be telling you something. The message is clear and positive. 

And the lighting is on point. 😍

And just in case you wanted some more. For all photographers out there. Sign your work so I can go to your website and ogle some more. 


Started out in Kenya …

Moire Nike Notebook faces of Kenya

Moire Nike Notebook faces of Kenya

I started out looking at Kenya. Do you ever wonder why you see more Lions and savannah land than people. Well I did and I wondered where are all the people in Kenya. Boy oh boy did I get an eye full. So I guess I’ll be looking at Kenya another day then.

Ended up spending hours just looking at people’s

You will always find your way


I know I know. 

The road is hard  but if were not for the hard road you never would have found those wonderful shoes. 

And yes the route twists and turns but now you’ve seen a purple orange sunset. 

And yes it’s taking a while to get there but we also meet those wonderful people at that bistro by the plaza. 

I guess I’m trying to say I’m not worried how long it will take. I know you’ll get there.