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Triangular house



Austin Home

“Like a beach house (or an old-fashioned split-level), Ramp House has an inverted floor plan, with bedrooms and bathrooms on the bottom floor, living areas, and a rooftop deck.”

An interesting use of light in space. While I feel the floors a a little cold it allows for furnishings that have a warm touch.


Office Space White chair

Office Space White chair

House of Troy bronze lamp
£310 – lampsplus.com

Braided rug

Scully home decor
£53 – shoes.com

Arlo Blinds faux wood blind
£38 – overstock.com

Window planter box
£16 – amazon.com

Improvements storage basket
£14 – improvementscatalog.com

Secondhand furniture
£3,220 – 1stdibs.com

Herman Miller oversized chair
£930 – therealreal.com

Interior study

Have you ever been struck by an idea you become fixated on it.  It all started with a double height space. Then came the doors. 

What about the lights I thought…..

And three hours later I was still there trying to imagine how this fictional room was going to come together. 

It was fun finding all these pictures. Sigh! 

Now I’m off to put it all together. 

The modern Kitchen space 

I have recently been looking at kitchen spaces and boy can I tell you figuring out what is essential is like walking through a mine field. Thankfully I’ve only been looking st “The modern kitchen” you know the one I’m talking about. The seamless fitted, recessed lit minimal, sexy numbers everyone wants but no one really has space for. 😏

I am pleased to announce that they are now focusing on more natural materials with accents that do complement the colour scheme. 

Are they locally sourced? Ah…. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.