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Barnby Lane Furniture store Melbourne

Okay I’ll admit I was drawn in by the interior pictures and the website is pretty cool. Not sure about some of the designs but it’s a bit different to Ikea or bed, bath and beyond. Right? 

Barnby Lane is worth a look for some armchair remodelling st least. So we can pretend to live in a quiet village somewhere in Iceland. 

Hayhurst and Co

 I found a really beautiful space. Unfortunately it smack dab in a private house but it’s got such wonderful lighting. 

I know, I know don’t covert and all that, but just think of the potential. All those Jane Austen books you could read while sipping on a real English cup of tea. If you like that sort of thing that is. 

But alas we will just dream. 😉


The art of Sophie Griotto

Do you ever go about minding your won business then stumble on something so pretty you spend the next two hours just looking at at oblivious to everything else?

No? Me neither. On an unrelated note I found an illustrator who has some cute and very deliciously pretty artwork that you could spend a lot of time staring at, if you like doing that sort of thing.

Sophie Griotto-01

Some info on the artist

Sophie is French of course and has her work published in Taschen’s 100 Illustrator Art book.

Easter and the eggs

So it’s not quite Easter Sunday and I was hoping to have some awe insiping photos for you. Stay calm I do have something for you.  Easter might not be Christmas but it starting to take off in the world of photography. There are a lot of cute babies, fluffy chicks, fuzzy rabbits and lots and lots of eggs. 

Some of these are great inspiration for a big Easter party.  


And for those special creative types (yeah I’m talking to you) here is an even more challenging egg design project. Get your head around this one.  


But whether it’s something big or small. I wish you happiness this Easter with those you love. 

Yeah Spring Equinox! 🎉 That was minion bob by the way. 😉