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MoireNike GreenDres capped sleeve

Work in progress, Green Dress Asymmetric sleeving

Dress concepts

Green Dress Work in progress

Every once in a while you get an idea that’s worth sharing.

I have been working on a dress design. The ticked images are what has been agreed so far, but of course it could all change by next week. Hoping to share more images and process pictures once it’s done.



Interior study

Have you ever been struck by an idea you become fixated on it.  It all started with a double height space. Then came the doors. 

What about the lights I thought…..

And three hours later I was still there trying to imagine how this fictional room was going to come together. 

It was fun finding all these pictures. Sigh! 

Now I’m off to put it all together. 

Luxurious interiors unknown artist001

I found these really cool pictures that got me thinking. Mostly about the phrase “Your home is your castle” or something to that effect. 

So how would we do that? Well we’d start by picking some quality products. Now do we showcase or do we incorporate them… that is the question. 

Kochi Takada tackling noise in the Cave

Cave restaurant that is.


Have you ever gone to a really cool restaurant on a day out. Great atmosphere, great food, even great service but you couldn’t hear the people you were with. Okay top that you couldn’t hear yourself think.

On one hand you know this place must have good food since so many people are here but being able to call there waiter without doing the Mexican wave on your able is also a bonus.


Well these guys are trying to create a design that deals with acoustic sound and creates a beautiful and unique eating environment. I just love the flow of the curve walls. If it does work like it should probably be a cosy, muffled dinning experience where you aren’t bombarded by the noise from the party of fifteen at the end of the restaurant. We wish them all the best but we are paying for our night out and deserve a great night too. Am I right?🍴;)


Architects: Koichi Takada Architects
Location: Maroubra, Sydney, Australia
Project Team: Koichi Takada, Robert Chen
Construction: Bonar Interiors
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Sharrin Rees & KTA

Glow with some Gloji berry juice drink

Did you know there is a berry called Gloji that is popular in Asia. It gives vitality, stamina and energy. Well thats what they tell me anyway. But that’s not why we are here. We are here because of the super cute packaging for the Gloji Juice company. A light bulb bottle. Their slogan “The Juice that makes you glow”. Clever right?

Okay minion Bob thinks the are manly and not “super cute” Fine Minion Bob they are manly cute. You happy now? He is so sensitive sometimes. Any ways glow with some gloji.

gloji drink bottle-01

A crazy circus

I don’t know why I drew this. I just had an image of a crazy circus. A circus captures our imagination doesn’t it? A place where AMAZING things happen. The strong man, the lion tamer, the creepy-always happy clowns. Even though I’ve seen so many books with interesting circus themes they never seem to capture the way I feel about circuses.
Sigh! I guess it’s just something you have to experience instead of read or watch in a movie.
Well here is my circus. A special place you can only find under my magic tent. If you step outside it though…. Well I can’t guarantee what you will find. 😈
Mwah ha ha 😉

20140805-015057 pm-49857665.jpg