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Barnby Lane Furniture store Melbourne

Okay I’ll admit I was drawn in by the interior pictures and the website is pretty cool. Not sure about some of the designs but it’s a bit different to Ikea or bed, bath and beyond. Right? 

Barnby Lane is worth a look for some armchair remodelling st least. So we can pretend to live in a quiet village somewhere in Iceland. 


Catherine Nelson’s Floating Worlds

Catherine Nelson  born in Sydney 1970 is a visual artist who uses the digital medium to paint images together into personal and imaginary landscapes. Trained as a painter in Sydney and London and with years of experience in the creation of visual effects for feature films like Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter, she now has dedicates her skills to her own art work….

For more information click here

Moire Nike Note book

Moire Nike Note book

Kochi Takada tackling noise in the Cave

Cave restaurant that is.


Have you ever gone to a really cool restaurant on a day out. Great atmosphere, great food, even great service but you couldn’t hear the people you were with. Okay top that you couldn’t hear yourself think.

On one hand you know this place must have good food since so many people are here but being able to call there waiter without doing the Mexican wave on your able is also a bonus.


Well these guys are trying to create a design that deals with acoustic sound and creates a beautiful and unique eating environment. I just love the flow of the curve walls. If it does work like it should probably be a cosy, muffled dinning experience where you aren’t bombarded by the noise from the party of fifteen at the end of the restaurant. We wish them all the best but we are paying for our night out and deserve a great night too. Am I right?🍴;)


Architects: Koichi Takada Architects
Location: Maroubra, Sydney, Australia
Project Team: Koichi Takada, Robert Chen
Construction: Bonar Interiors
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Sharrin Rees & KTA

Dreaming of Australia

The Great barrier reef, the sea, the sands and the blinking hot bush.



Apart from the fact that it’s an island. I think the attraction to Australia is the mysteries that Australia could hold. There is a lot of unexplored land. Out there in the uninhabited harsh lands. Where no one will hear you scream. No one for miles. You know what I think I’ll stay at home a day longer.

Blackmilk: interiors

20140124-104125 am.jpg

20140124-104057 am.jpg

20140124-104115 am.jpg

I remember seeing a snap shot if this a while back and wondering. Who, when, where? You know the usual.

Then presto. A random search for something inspiring brings me all the answers.

Now while Bob is getting over excited by my desk at the prospect of going to Australia ( pats minion on head). Let’s take the time to appreciate this unique gem from down under. I am loving that mood lighting.

Architects: Blackmilk Interior Design
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Builder: Schiavello
Feature Carpets: Rugs Carpets and Design
Feature Lighting: Libertine Chandeliers
Photographs: Earl Carter, Laura Manariti

20140124-104843 am.jpg