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Studio 1 Brick House Extension

Brick House extension Studio 1-01



Norm Architects work the Industrial look

Danish practice Norm Architects used a palette of dark and warm materials combined with minimal tube lighting to create an “intimate and cosy atmosphere” at this wine bar and restaurant in Copenhagen.

You might see those concrete walls and think, “Nope. It’s a cold space and I don’t want to hear another word about it” 

But look at what the photographer did. He made it….intriguing, No? 

The loghtingingnforgives what the walls do not. And a busy cafe with music. Would you look at the walls ? Me thinks not. You’ll remember the chairs and those table settings though. 


More than a pine box

Ukrainian architect Kostiantyn Kuvika, the principal at Plan Bureau, designed the house for a mountain backdrop. But he believes it could be adapted to any environment.  

Turning a box on its ear is a really interesting idea. I guess he must have loved playing in catboats boxes as a child. 

Imagine those interesting spaces created by the corners. 

“Glue-laminated pine would be used to build the structure, while the facade would be pine planks, treated with a waterproof finish. Pad foundations are specified to ensure it can be built anywhere.”

Attributed to Plan Bureau 

Somewhere on a golf course in Argentina

 Architect Luciano Kruk, has designed a house located just north of the coastal town of Pinamar, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  
Okay concrete is not my favourite but I have to admit this is thrilling the inner child “I like building blocks” 
The views are amazing, the light quality is awesome. I can even forgive that it’s right next to a golf course and not a wonderful Swiss alp. 😉

My favourite feature has to be those stairs.  😍 Wonderful photography by  Daniela Mac Adden

I don’t know what I like more. The building or the photographs. Either way I’m totally buying what they are selling.