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Pinup on a bicycle


With Summer long over and Fall fast approaching those bikini days short as they were did bring some comfort. I had a flash of inspiration and decided to work on something whimsical. A girl on a bicycle. I don’t know if I’ll take this any further than this. She deserves a nice summery backdrop I think. Her out fit was inspired by those pin up baby doll look.

You can almost imagine her riding down to the beach to meet up with friends and arriving shocked to see a scandal

MoireNike GreenDres capped sleeve

Work in progress, Green Dress Asymmetric sleeving

Dress concepts

Green Dress Work in progress

Every once in a while you get an idea that’s worth sharing.

I have been working on a dress design. The ticked images are what has been agreed so far, but of course it could all change by next week. Hoping to share more images and process pictures once it’s done.


Wrap it up…but good

You know a great photographer from the look of his subjects. These were not taken by the same artist but the looks in those eyes should be telling you something. The message is clear and positive. 

And the lighting is on point. 😍

And just in case you wanted some more. For all photographers out there. Sign your work so I can go to your website and ogle some more. 


Looking into the Victorian

Have you aver strayed into the world of steampunk. It’s detailed and intense and it gave me the idea to actually look at the Victorian times. Since i can’t hop on a time machine. But we can do the time warp and use some photographs.

A collection of victorian portraits in notebook

A collection of victorian portraits in notebook

Victorian architecture-01

The architecture is also something I’ve found unique. Isn’t it cool how every style has a unique style. It’s almost like they planned it. (wink wink) Don’t you jus love all that embellishing and where it isn’t flowery it’s functional. Oh and sturdy too those buildings are still standing after all this time.

The wet look by George Chakras

Its sometime monotonous the catwalk. Long dresses, short dresses, no back, no front see through. Then the model gets to the end of the catwalk and it’s all done all over again. 

Sometimes you think. I think they’ve discovered everything about clothes. But then a designer does something new and you think. Hello!! More of that please. 

I saw a photo of George Chakras collection. Then I scoured and scoured till I found some more. The fabric is just visual candy for me. Enough that I thought to share. So Enjoy.