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The Avengers reimaginedĀ 

An interesting take on the avengers. I guess Dr Strange just might change the game. 

Either way the art looked interesting. 

Source the Durrrian.  


Wrap it up…but good

You know a great photographer from the look of his subjects. These were not taken by the same artist but the looks in those eyes should be telling you something. The message is clear and positive. 

And the lighting is on point. šŸ˜

And just in case you wanted some more. For all photographers out there. Sign your work so I can go to your website and ogle some more. 


The wet look by George Chakras

Its sometime monotonous the catwalk. Long dresses, short dresses, no back, no front see through. Then the model gets to the end of the catwalk and it’s all done all over again. 

Sometimes you think. I think they’ve discovered everything about clothes. But then a designer does something new and you think. Hello!! More of that please. 

I saw a photo of George Chakras collection. Then I scoured and scoured till I found some more. The fabric is just visual candy for me. Enough that I thought to share. So Enjoy. 


Catherine Nelson’s Floating Worlds

Catherine NelsonĀ  born in Sydney 1970 is a visual artist who uses the digital medium to paint images together into personal and imaginary landscapes. Trained as a painter in Sydney and London and with years of experience in the creation of visual effects for feature films like Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter, she now has dedicates her skills to her own art work….

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Moire Nike Note book

Moire Nike Note book