There be only Men

There be only Men-01


When Tristan realised why she was special it was almost too late. Born into a world where everyone was given a place and told exactly how they fit there Tristan was always that piece that did not fit. For one thing she had a mother where everyone else was created in a laboratory. The family circle a company that provided the next generation of humans like clockwork every year. Their motto was “Giving humanity a brighter future”.

When the men in black suits started to search for her she knew she would have to leave her grandfather behind. And she did even though she did not know why.

If she thought the world in the out lands was bad, the main city was worse. it was a place where people lived their lives in fear never really enjoying the luxuries they all had to fight and in some cases kill to get. The city was where Tristan found out being born was not only an aberration but an anomaly that had been eradicated centuries ago. Here was where tristan found out no one knew what a mother was. The stories Grandfather had told were myths that no one had heard of here. Snow white and Cinderella were the Snow prince and the Cinder-fella and fairy tales were night time musings.

The whole world was now filled with men who not only did not know what a woman was but all espoused the virtues of being men like blind and faithful robots. Tristan was as confused about her existence as ever because tristan had to take a hard look at herself. That was when Tristan realised she was the only she in a world full of men.

She was told she was a genetic defect and began to doubt the stores her grandfather had told her about a world different from the one she was living in. She began to doubt not only self but her very existence.And just when she thought her life was as meaningless and unimportant as all the men were telling her the men in black arrived. She thought she was going to be exterminated and she was willing to go too. To preserve the way of life for why would nature create something meaningless like her when technology had it all figured out? Clearly she was a mistake, Right?

She thought it was best to go along with the men but the arrow that sailed across the street and killed the man trying to take her away had a note attached to it that told her to run. Her path was sealed with that arrow and she ran.s

Now she was running for her life. from the men in black who worked for the cloning corporation from a world full of men who could not understand what she was and from those willing to trade her for a better life for them and their sons. She was a marketable resource that was worth just as much dead as she was alive.

There be only Men is a dystopian world where the scientists got what they wanted and are now paying the price of the progress they made. Technology without thought has eradicated the female population and mankind has used cloning in order to survive. They teach the remaining members of the human race the best of the histories that have gone before and preserve all the best that mankind was and take it into the future. But if this world is so perfect why is there a huge fence surrounding the city? What is the big secret the cloning corporation is trying to hide? Why is the corporation interested in a girl when their technology works so well? Why is everyone being taught that humanity has only one gender? How could Tristan have been born in the last fourteen years if women were extinct over a century ago? All questions that unfold in this fictional masterpiece.

Would love this idea as a movie as long as i get a shout out 8 ahem cough cough hint hint. Imagining the cities wouldn’t be as awesome as all those rivalling factions.

Pause. Now where have I heard about that before?


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