Lets plan a Halloween party

So you’ve decided to throw a halloween party. Or at least, you’re thinking about it. (Shakes head) what were you thinking? Okay here are some quick and dirty party ideas. (Eyebrow wiggle) See what I did there. You need some lights.

Spooky lights

Some Halloween Lights idea. Cute, classy and spooky

Then come the eats. You could go really creative with the float in eyeballs and three foot high food towers. Don’t laugh its a thing and trust me we don’t want that headache. Grab some cupcakes some cardboard tape and sharpie marker. Or maybe some edible wiggly spiders.

Halloween food

Halloween foodies unite

Or if you are lazy or lovely dovey like minion Bob and minon Betty. You could just have a nice quite time enjoying the beautiful autumn days.

Sit for a quiet Halloween

Things to do for Halloween

Now the last and final thing is to have some party parting favours. Everyone likes portable things. Now that is the perfect recipe for an awesome party. The people and tunes are all up to you.


What? Did you expect me to do everything for you? 😉


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