Dear Prospective employer

“As I go through the process of looking for and applying to jobs, I feel the need to compose this letter to you. I’m writing to you because I don’t think two pdf documents and all my grade cards and certificates are enough reasons to consider me for a position let alone know me. I’m also writing to you because I want you to know how much effort goes into an application and how hard it is for all of us. Finding a job is hard in itself. Add to that the fact that you have to apply in a foreign language, know exactly what you want to do but can’t find an opening in it and you have a recipe for frustration”….

But there is more to read. An entertaining and heart felt letter. Though written by a unique person Manasa Manjunath. I think she captures the conversation passionate people would like employers would allow them to say. If only society would allow your cover letter to read this way.

Go to the source for the up close letter. It’s worth the read.


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