If I wrote a book :

If I wrote a crime thriller.

book cover

Out of sight presentation

The main character would of course be female but this time she would be African. The story would start with what it is like for a foreigner to live in America and the beauty that new York has to offer. Before you get hit in the gut with the horrible set up of the evil villain the Optician you get to meet her sister and learn some of the things that a woman in her position worries about. You’ll learn how you and her are similar and just what makes her a unique individual. You’ll learn that she loves her family but the only person she has left is now her sister, someone who she is taking great pains to keep safe in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Then my dear reader. You will loose this precious gem of a sister and be confronted just like our hero into an emotional hell no human should have to endure. You’ll find out, from her point of view why “minorities” learn to not trust “the others”. You will see how when confronted with an evil unlikely allegiances are struck and a community comes together to find and save one of their own. 

And if you’re lucky. really lucky. You’ll come away from this a new person who sees the world with new eyes. 


Text on book jacket

When Nneoma and her sister were watching the news yesterday they had joked about how different things were in America. They were glad that the situation was outside their small community. It was clear that the New York Police department had gotten another package from the killer the media were calling The Optician.  A man that had killed one woman every week for ten weeks. He crowned his achievements by sending their gouged eyes to the police. The small white delivery box was now infamous. The whole city was in fear of The Optician and everyone had taken to travelling in groups. 

Yesterday Nneoma, kissed her sister good night and left to work a night shift at the Hospital.  Today Nneoma returns to find an empty ransacked house and a missing sister. She does not know what to be more disturbed about, the blood or the note written on an old tattered map.  

It seems the Optician has decided that her sister is to be his new play thing. His motives are now Nneoma’s life mission. She did not survive Africa to have her family snuffed out like a used up cigarette. The killer was about to find out that he had picked on the wrong sister. With a week on the clock and nothing more to loose Nneoma enlists her friend an Indonesian mathematician with connections to help her. Nneoma is out of her depth in this big city but. with the help of the hidden community of New York she just might find her sister in time. She soon finds herself confronted with a world she never would have imagined.


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