That’s a saucy new store

Kayanoya launch a new store with help from Kengo Kuma.

Did you know that traditional soy sauce is made in huge oak barrels? Neither did I. Kengo Kuma and associates take this little trivia fact and use it as the basis for the design of a new store for the manufacturer Kayanoya.

Well as you know I’m a big fan of wooden buildings….and I guess if you didn’t know before you know now.

From top down. You have the large wooden barrels created by local craftsmen. Followed by layers of wooden shelfs, then wooden boxes and finally wooden tables and chairs. Creating a stacked effect which fulfils the function and fashion requirements. I wonder how many boxes they can fit in there? And they still have space for customers to meander.

Images are courtesy of Kengo Kuma and Associates.

20140704-011359 pm-47639108.jpg</a

20140704-011358 pm-47638589.jpg

Cute isn’t it? Oh yes and Bob the minion says hi….and his girlfriend too.


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