If I made a movie: Aziz the marriage counsellor

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Aziz was angry when his father told him he would be working the night shift at the shop. Was it fair? No! But when the couple came in he didn’t know his night would be even more interesting than the latest action movie at the multiplex.

Read Below 😉

Aziz was not having the best day. He was supposed to be at the multiplex watching the latest Wolverine movie but instead he was in his parents seven eleven shop filling in for his brother who was out on a date. Like that was more important that him spending time with his friends. If they were going to get married they should or would have the rest of their lives together. His friends were all travelling all over the country in a month going to college. He might never see them again.

He hated Wednesday nights. They were so boring. He had been here for three hours and had only seen one man walk by look into the store and walk off. He knew this was going to be a long night. When the bell rang a man walked in he looked up from his batman comic to give him a once over. He was overweight with a beige windbreaker and coke bottle glasses. He headed straight for the freezer section in the back and Aziz knew he would be reaching for a frozen burritos. He knew because they always went straight to the back for the burritos. He must have been a regular too because he didn’t even ask where to go. The man would probably be done in ten minutes, fifteen if he got the blue slushy as well. The bell rang again and the sound of a couple trailed in. He barely looked up to see a woman yelling at a man walking in front of her. They looked like an average couple having a typical argument. Something about him not listening but the argument turned into something much more dangerous once the woman pulled out a gun. Then Aziz got nervous. His brother had been robbed once and he had been anxious about it but that they were not armed. The person had pushed him aside and grabbed the money from the till. That was why they had made the cage. It was a glass box with mesh wiring and shatter resistant and hopefully bullet resistant glass. His father could not afford the tank but this was necessary and all they could realistically afford. The customers were all good people mostly but after they were robbed they were too many incidents for them to ignore. So they had gotten the cage and here he was, hoping that the glass was as resistant as necessary in case the woman went crazy.

She yelled at the man who was still backing her. Her voice was shrill with emotion and her hand was shaking. Oh God, he hoped she didn’t shot. He didn’t know wha would be worse. Her knowing how to use the gun or not knowing how to use the gun. Either way someone could die. She yelled at him and he turned round to look at her. He seemed more irritated than shocked that she had a gun. He sniffles and told her to put it away but she waved it in his direction. She was determined for him to listen to what she had to say.

What on earth could they be arguing about?

The man raised his voice now and both of them started yelling. Aziz didn’t think this situation would resolve itself and to be honest he didn’t want to ask them to leave. He just wanted them gone.

When the first bullet rang out all Aziz could do was hit the floor. It didn’t matter that there was shatter proof glad between him and the crazy woman with a gun. He wanted safety and the only safety he could get was staying out of sight. The woman and man were still arguing but Aziz couldn’t tell where they were now. She was insulting him and he was insulting her.

Aziz was not very religious but he have a silent prayer and promised God that he would show up for every mosque event from then on if he just made it out of there. The man said something to her that made her scream and she shot again. Aziz didn’t know If she was aiming at him or just randomly shooting. She was ruining his fathers shop.
“Please! Stop” he screamed. He didn’t believe it. Why had he said anything. Now they knew where he was he was as good as dead trapped in a glass box. If they came this way he couldn’t run and he couldn’t hide. Trapped like a rat.

“Why?” The woman screamed out. Her voice was shrill and Aziz didn’t know how he man could stand it.

“Because you need to think before, sometimes it helps Angela.” The man said
” Shut up Donnie. Just come out and let’s talk. Just you and me”
“Like hell” the man, Donnie replied.

“I thought you were a big shot. What now you have nothing to say?”
“Put the gun down and we can talk”

“But you won’t listen. You never listen to me…” Her voice trailed off and she was unintelligible. “If you had just listened to me when I said…”

“Listen to what? Your stupid ass ideas?”

Aziz wasn’t a violent man but he really felt like giving the man a swift kick to the head. Did he want her to kill them all. He reached for the phone over his head. His hand fumbled on something and she heard him.

“No phones” she screamed and shot at the cage. The bullet didn’t pierce the glass and wire mesh but it was enough to make Aziz stop and freeze.

“Angela” the man yelled. “Are you crazy.”

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Aziz said. Then he grabbed his mouth shut. What the hell was he doing?

The woman’s pitch lowered a degree and realised his intervention was working. Now if only he could keep it up till the police arrived.

Four hours and another shoot out later.

Aziz was tired, dirty and more than a little shaken. Police lights flashed in his eyes and he felt ten years older. The coroner wheeled the body bag away and all he could feel was relief. That could have been him. He could be dead. For four hours he had been playing marriage counsellor to two psychopaths that decided to have an argument in his fathers store. They didn’t want anything but they did it with guns killing a customer just because they were angry with each other. The paramedic was checking his forehead. Was he cut? Was he okay? He knew those must be the questions they were asking but he didn’t hear anything. He just couldn’t shake the thought that he could have died. A man caught his attention by calling his name.
“Aziz,” the officer began “can you tell me what happened here?”

Where could he start?

Authors note
Dum dum dum.
If you got this far. You get a gold star. Poor Aziz. His pain was my entertainment. 😉


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