Aziz the marriage counsellor

Aziz was tired, dirty and more than a little shaken. Police lights flashed in his eyes and he felt ten years older. The coroner wheeled the body bag away and all he could feel was relief. That could have been him. He could be dead. For four hours he had been playing marriage counsellor to two psychopaths that decided to have an argument in his fathers store. They didn’t want anything but they did it with guns killing a customer just because they were angry wig each other. The paramedic was checking his forehead. Was he cut? Was he okay? He knew those must be the questions they were asking but he didn’t hear anything. He just couldn’t shake the thought that he might have died. A man caught his attention by calling his name.
“Aziz,” the man said “can you tell me what happened here?”

Where could he start.

Hello. I had a crazy idea for a story blurb and this is it. Aziz just wanted to go to the movies with a couple of friend but instead he ended up in a crazy hostage situation. I’m thinking of making a poster.


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