The beauty of tears

When the Tracajá yellow turtle of the amazon shed tears butterflies abound. Not only is it beautiful to think about its biology. Sodium from the tears help the butterflies survive.

So when you have a glisten in your eye let it flow. Somewhere there are butterflies willing to kiss those tears.

20140323-013126 pm.jpg
On a side note I found out why Bob’s been missing. It seems I have a new minion. I haven’t met them yet. They are still hiding in my biscuit cupboard.


3 thoughts on “The beauty of tears

  1. ArtlessPoems

    TO JULIA WEEPING by Thomas Moore
    Oh! if your tears are given to care,
    If real woe disturbs your peace,
    Come to my bosom, weeping fair,
    And I will bid your weeping cease.

    But if with Fancy’s visioned fears,
    With dreams of woe your bosom thrill,
    You look so lovely in your tears
    That I must bid you drop them still.

    Nice post. Didn’t know that turtles cried. Is that really true, or am I falling for a joke?

    1. moirenike Post author

      Wow! Really beautiful. Far as I know it. They do she’d tears. Not emotional ones but a product of physiology. Thanks for stopping by. 😊

      1. ArtlessPoems

        Oh. Kind of like the way crocodiles shed tears while eating turtles that are shedding tears.

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