A house on the Lake

20140311-122138 pm.jpg

Well they finally did it. I’ve wondered with all this flooding business. Who would be the first to build something that would actually work with fluctuating water levels and here it is folks.
Now it’s a small project, yes but the concept is sound. Building what is in effect a rig. It’s like those on sea oil rigs. Those things stay afloat in Atlantic storms right.

The structure is understandably simple. This seemed like an experiment but I haven’t found reports to say it collapsed so I vote for houses with more of a mechanical element.
For those who want the facts
Architects: MOS – Michael Meredith, Hilary Sample
Location: Ontario, Canada
Built in: 2005
Constructed Area: 186 sqm
Engineer: David Bowick with Blackwell Engineering Company.
Construction: Kropf Industries and Penfold Construction.

20140311-122121 pm.jpg

Now if we can just get the house to make me a cup of hot chocolate. We’re golden. 😉


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