Spring forth

20140305-050504 pm.jpg

20140305-050529 pm.jpg

20140305-050628 pm.jpg

Spring isn’t just about fluffy ducklings, tweeting love birds and the stray daffodil that beats the odds to bloom. It’s about fresh starts, new beginnings and blossoming with all those things you learned last year. Yeah that’s right. You are the flower I’m talking about. Dust off those snowflakes. Spring time is here. (Looks around for minion Bob).
Did you hear that Bob? Springtime is here. Where is that little guy?


2 thoughts on “Spring forth

  1. lmjapan

    Love these pictures, they really give you the feeling of Spring. So happy it’s almost here, I’m ready to put away my jackets and sweaters and break out my shorts!


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