Alcatraz: a ghost town prison

20140222-072219 pm.jpg

Okay this wasn’t my choice but Bob (the minion) thinks I shouldn’t overlook it. The structure is impressive despite the reason it was built. I don’t think they could repackage this as something fun and fluffy. But the light quality during the day is amazing and that gets my vote. As a modern day ruin it is an interesting location. And if all this isn’t your thing you can check out the short lived tv series Alcatraz for some sci-fi mystery. It has “Hurley” from Lost. 😉.
Yes Bob the nice people can see the pictures. (Shakes head)

20140222-073313 pm.jpg

20140222-073413 pm.jpg


2 thoughts on “Alcatraz: a ghost town prison

  1. lmjapan

    Great pictures, I really liked the one of the 2 seagulls flying together. I have to admit the operating room one was a bit scary. I can just picture some of the more disobedient prisoners getting lobotomies in there, yikes! Although I’ve been to SF multiple times, I’ve yet to visit Alcatraz so this was a very nice tour.


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