Santa Margherita Liguria, Italy

20140120-104932 pm.jpg

20140120-104918 pm.jpg

20140120-105007 pm.jpg

20140120-105021 pm.jpg

20140120-105039 pm.jpg
When I read Margherita I thought of hot saucy soft pizza. Then I shook myself back to reality and looked at some pictures. It is gorgeous. You have to see the Villa Durazzo and the Santa Margherita Palace.
Yes! There is an actual palace.
Now, I could go into all that boring history bit, but you don’t really want to know that do you? You want to know that the place is a hotel with a roof top bar. (Eyebrow wiggle) 😉
See picture below.

20140120-105640 pm.jpg

Photo credits
Giuseppe Peppoloni
Enrico Queirolo
Paolo Peltigiani
Giulio D Pizzomo
Tina Jabry
Mark Sunderland

20140120-111211 pm.jpg

20140120-111220 pm.jpg

20140120-111230 pm.jpg

20140120-111241 pm.jpg

20140120-111251 pm.jpg

20140120-111300 pm.jpg


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