Gulliver’s sad ending


Well first of all. It’s great to see you this New Year. I hope you enjoyed the parties. The wine or hot cocoa. Or whatever you had this holiday.
What about me? Well thanks for asking. I had a fantastic time. So good I’ll be on the cleanse for a month. 😂😂😂

I found an abandoned themed park in Japan. I was really looking for Mt Fuji stuff but this was kind of cool.

A Gulliver’s themed park. It’s obvious this idea didn’t do well because it’s now abandoned and in disrepair but I thought it was kind of cool. I began imagining ways to make a Giant themed park. Ooh the possibilities.

Imagine walking up a trail, looking down and discovering you’ve been walking up someone’s sleeve and they look down at you. Eek. Or coming out of a tunnel to find you were in someone’s pencil case.

Hey stop looking at me like that. It could happen. 😉

Well. Happy new year and may this year bring you joy and happiness.



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