Beach house: Peru


Location: Las Lomas del Mar, South of Lima, Peru
Type: Residential – Houses
Architects: Vertice Arquitectos
Team: Hernani Canessa, Luis Miguel Becerra, Sandro Moro

This house is in Lomas del Mar beach in Cerro Azul, about 120Km south of Lima.

The plot is a rocky and sandy hill in a half curved shape which I can only imagine was a pain to build. Add that it’s about 48m above sea level (phew. Thank goodness for that) and the house sits on an 8m drop. You have some pretty exciting parameters to work with. But it has a beautiful view of the Pacific so it’s worth it right? Who wouldn’t want to wake up to warm sunshine and a view like that… (Background noise)
“No one asked you Bob!”😉





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