VitraHaus. The house that fooled me

VitraHaus by Herzog & deMeron20131213-112122.jpg




This is a museum structure built to showcase furnishings and interior stock. When I first saw it I saw the interior glazed window with all those warm pretty furnishings and thought “hmm that’s a nice space” and it is. Till I found out that it was a museum. Oh the pain. 😩

Well after my shock and horror. (You’ll understand if you see the exterior. ) I thought the structure itself was spacious and deceptive enough to give you a sense of a home. Which is what it’s all about isn’t it? A+. They fulfilled their brief even though I was a little sad no “actual” house exists.

The building is a frame of house shapes stacked on top of one another. Strange yes but it does give the museum plenty of space to create faux living environments to display chairs and lights and stuff


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