Floating Lanterns


Wow. Floating Lanterns in Thailand. It might not be a disney story but it’s gorgeous. Heck I think it looks better. My invisible friend says I should bite my tongue. Excuse me while I deal with them. (Leaves monitor)

Sounds of scuffling followed by screech. Then dead silence.
(Returns to laptop)

Ahem. I know I did a lantern post before but this is totally different. 😉

Thousands of lanterns are released at the same time. This festival is special because it’s meant as a time to pay respect and is an offering to higher deities- you say a prayer, make a wish and then watch as your lantern floats away. A lot of people believe that the lantern will carry your troubles away with it, which I think is a beautiful idea.

Practice fire safety people. I love this but I get irked when I hear a forest fire was started by an over zealous amateur.



Credit yang tee mon


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