It’s not just a place to cook


Have you ever looked up from your hands cutting on a raw potato. Turned around and thought. My kitchen needs to be more….something.

Well you don’t need to think that with this little gem. Location, I could go on about that but I’m sure you don’t want to hear me wax lyrical on manicured gardens and what not. Besides I don’t have cute photos of that, so moving on. They have a large enough space to play with (tiny bit jealous) and use it well. The stools by the counter is something I would love to try. Cook a quick omelette and sit down an eat. Without taking it five feet away. You loose valuable nutrients in that time. The arm chair is a nice touch. You can flip through your hundred year old recipes in comfort. Though I might add a nice soft cushion. Now this is a space for more than just cooking don’t you think?


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