The rise of the curved brick wall

I just stumbled across something interesting. project_28_105 project_28_109 project_28_108 Bricktopia-by-map13_Manuel-de-Lozar-and-Paula-Lopez-Barba_dezeen_8 Bricktopia-by-map13_Manuel-de-Lozar-and-Paula-Lopez-Barba_dezeen_9 Bricktopia-by-map13_eme3_dezeen_27 Bricktopia-by-map13_Manuel-de-Lozar-and-Paula-Lopez-Barba_dezeen_18 Bricktopia-by-map13_map13_dezeen_27

While Bricktopia in Barcelona might be the latest display of this technique. it’s something that has been around for a while. Why hasn’t it become popular? I don’t know. What I do love are the interesting shapes and spaces it creates. The structure is held up by the compression of the bricks. While I love this as a purely conceptual pursuit. I wonder what it could be used for. (Head scratch)


Student project. Barcelona.


4 thoughts on “The rise of the curved brick wall

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