It’s possible to have a penthouse in London, really?


While it always amazes me that a tight city like London can have lavish home spaces I’m not surprised European Architects are the ones doing it. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot if great British Architects that do great work. You just never hear about it which kind of reinforces the idea that European architects are better.

Okay I’m done with my personal rant. Let’s see the goods.

SIRS architects built this little gem in East London. A part of London that is opening up to a lot of new builds. It’s a building that went from being a warehouse to flats/ apartments and now is a pent house. Nice right?

I’m loving the space which I can tell you is worth more than gold in London. This being on a high floor they use and open up the space and turn this into an airy canvas. You can easily imagine living there. Some curtains here. Some flowers there. Give me the keys I’m home.









As I’m guessing it’s the top apartment on the left. They also have use of the roof. So a roof design was just part of the package. This is really a sweet project.

Project location: London, UK
Project type: Residential Refurbishment
Scope of work: Full refurbishment, Fit-out and Interior Design
Architects: SIRS
Floor Area: 252 m2 (2,713 ft2) per apartment

And no I’m not jealous….. Well not much. 😉


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