The Question of Egypt


I find Egypt fascinating. As a historical landmark and as a location. Not for the usual cliche questions but for the things that are in plain sight that still have not been answered.

Archeologists have been digging, discovering, pillaging and yes returning some of their finds since when, the 1800’s? Yet they still can’t answer some basic questions.

The most embarrassing of which is why were the pyramids built. After just a few hours I’ve come up with more questions than answers and have also come to the conclusion that most of the ” reknown scholars” don’t know what they are talking about.

But my personal rant aside. I’d like you to take a look at Egypt with some questions in mind.

How could a civilisation that was so reverent and knowledgable just disappear?

What were the pyramids built for?

Why do pharaoh a have snakes on their foreheads ?
What is the deal with gold?

How did it become a dessert?

Why is Nefertiti’s hat sooo tall?

Why do they show people in different scales in the same sculpture or artwork?

I have a strong suspicion that they were a lot smarter than we are. And if they were and aren’t here anymore. We should respect and learn from them.

Also we should take sun screen while visiting because it is hot there.
Phew( pats sweaty forehead with handkerchief)








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