Trek through Africa: Wake up in Kenya












Kenya, now called the Republic of Kenya has always been on my list of places to go. It’s warm and vast and you don’t get obstructed sunlight. But I have to be honest with you. (Sighs) lately I’ve been worried about my choice and not for the reason you might think.
When I thought about it. And I mean really thought about it. I realised I didn’t want to have so much open land between me and the “King of the Savannah”. I don’t think I could handle seeing a lion up close. I’m a lot of things but brave is not one of them. My ancestors lived by…avoiding uneccesarily dangerous situations. I mean look at those paws.

Hahaha. But that aside. Kenya makes no apologises and they don’t have to, because they are awesome. If you do go you need to see the real Kenya. Masai warriors and all. Not the watered down version. It might be difficult but it is so worth it.

Hujambo na kwaheri Kenya.


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