Aloha O’ahu….welcome to Hawaii


Where do I start? Let me just say this will probably be the first of many post bout Hawaii. There are a lot of Islands that are together known as Hawaii and I am sooo looking forward to exploring all if them. O’ahu was the first I noticed. It seems to be the biggest as is known as ” the gathering place” or at least that’s what I’ve been told.







Because I’m having a fan girl moment right now I’ll have to post something more coherent next time. Right now I’m just basking in all that beautiful sunshine and sticking my toes into that clear blue water. Mmm mmm.

Don’t bug me I’m in Hawaiii.

I’m sorry I couldn’t source all the artists but I did get some details.
Photographers to credit.
Michel Vachon, Quinn Hoxie, Krishan Bansal, Colin Brown, Joel Quimpo.


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