The Five Knocks

The first knock came when they sat in a circle. Drinking wine and laughing at the misfortune of others. There was no one at the door for them to see so they assumed it was just children playing at the front door.

The second knock came while they were having dinner. The sound came from inside though not outside. When one was scared and wanted to leave the other four consoled her and begged her not to leave.

The third knock only one heard and she convinced herself it was all on her head. The others stood and watched the sky. The fireworks and fireflies.

The fourth knock was unmistakable. They were getting ready for bed and it was clearly audible. Not a tap at the door and not a creak in the floor. All the women screamed but none ran for the door.

The fifth knock comes and by then it’s too late. What horrible fortunes do they await. Cowering and crying in a hole in the ceiling. The door slowly opens with a strained creaking.

Authors note: not a poem. Just a wicked idea I had because of Halloween. This could be a really creepy story. What do you think was behind that door.?😱


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