The China Study

On my random musings on the internet I found a statement and a book that made me think. The statement was dairy actually causes calcium deficiency and that a book called The china study talks about nutrition and proves that fact. Well as much as I love a good debate I wasn’t about to read a hundred and some pages for a simple confirmation of calcium is not al it’s cracked up to be. Mostly so I can tell my Ice cream rotting friends to leave me alone. What I learned can be summed up as.
1. Carbs are not the enemy because plants are high in carbohydrates.
2. Nutrition trumps Pesticide
3. Animal protein like casein in milk actually increases the risk of cancer.
4. Scientists have been playing around with all this and see animal protein as a reason for poor health.
5. Just eat as much green as you can.

Although I know this book has maths and math can be manipulated. I have been piling more green over everything I eat. My conclusion so far is my body likes it and if it likes it I like it.

If anyone else has read this book please leave a comment because I’d love to hear what other readers think.


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