Awkward much: the reunion


Somehow Reid has gotten me into a red dress and surprise surprise. I am at his party instead of in the museum looking at the mysterious artefact. I should be angry but I’m too hungry to care, grabbing a handful of hor d’oerves from the passing waiter.

Reid was holding on to me so tight all the way here I couldn’t get away even if I tried. I can’t blame him I have been scanning for possible exits but now it is kind of pointless because he has my passport.
I sigh.

Thankfully someone urgently needed him when we got here. So I have both hands to myself instead of being dragged around again. As fun as it was getting immediate service having Reid there and present and attentive was creepy and scary. If I didn’t know any better I would think I was dying or something.

Tyler found me trying to hide behind a huge flower arrangement. He was so happy to see me I almost didn’t feel guilty about leaving him without a word. His head was dishevelled as usual and he seemed taller. It could be that he was standing straighter. I had been gone so long it was difficult to tell.
He apologised to me for telling Reid where I was. It seems Reid has been looking for me for the past three months and my occasional emails were only making him more anxious. Well that explained some things.
Tyler took out one of his gadgets which was new and a little strange. For one thing it was completely silicone and smooth shaped. The screen showed a miniature battlefield. He smiled and said a word apologetically which I can only assume had something to do with online gaming. He told me we needed to talk and that he had a lot to tell me. Then he turned his attention to the game and for all intents and purposes was gone for the night.

The corner we were in had a good vintage point. I got to see everyone at the party. The mayor, the commissioner, the governor, some actors, some politicians and the three models who begrudgingly got me ready for tonight. One of them took an immediate dislike to me and I had a sneaky suspicious it was because she had her eyes set on Reid. My insisting on keeping my leather boots, I’m sure had nothing to do with it. I had to keep my boots out of principle for when I decided to walk out of this farce.

My eyes scanned the party and I saw Salt. Well seeing him wasn’t that hard, he towered over everyone here. It seemed his little package of pain Kate was laying into him, again. I wondered why he still was with her. He could love her without staying with that woman. It just bugged me when people hurt people I cared about. Salt sensed me and turned to look at me. Salt is for lack of a better word an empath so right now me thinking about him and feeling upset about Kate yelling at him was like I had yelled his name in a quiet room. He smiled when he saw me. Kate noticed he wasn’t looking at her and turned around and saw me. God forbid she should not be the centre of the universe for one second. The look on her face was priceless. She knew I did not approve of her antics and my presence seemed to shut her up for a few minutes at least. Good.

Now I needed a drink.

The bar was over run with all the nobodies the waiters were not assigned to and getting the bartenders attention was near impossible. A man pipped up on my behalf and order for the two of us. I noticed when he offered me my drink that he was British, fancy. Well at a Reid Party you got all sorts from around the world. I was interested in where to go in London. That is if I got out of Spencer. He seemed surprised that I would be interested in. London saying I seemed more like a Parisian sort. He introduced himself as Chase Collins. The way James. bond would. Before I could respond a svelte and sexy blonde with legs as long as skyscrapers cut in to talk to him. I would have been offended if I wasn’t used to this kind of behaviour from women trying to get to….well quite frankly all the men I seemed to talk to. Hmmm maybe it was me.

Chase politely corrected her manners and let her know that she was interrupting a conversation. I give him points for tact. His gracefulness was on par with Reid; although he would have probably shamed her into backing off. The woman got the hint when he refused to take the conversation any further. She left with her bourbon in shame.

I complimented his tact and another lady at the bar concurred. He turned to look at her raising his drink and for the briefest of moments i sensed something. Now before we go any further I guess I should tell you about my senses. I get feelings of intuition sometimes. You know when you have that nudging feeling like you left the door open and bump into the postman delivery a package you would have missed. Well mine wasn’t like that. Mine was more like a package is coming wait here. Right now I had that feeling that these two people knew each other and were having a Mr and Mrs Smith moment. Usually I would leave them alone together but I got a verbal shove from inside to ask them how long they had been together. The way they both turned on me let me know I had struck a nerve.

She laughed out loud and took a drink and he said he had only just arrived in Spencer. Adding that his work did not give him enough time to keep a relationship alive but that he would not mind having a woman as beautiful as… She introduced herself as Sarah but before she could finish a pair of lips cut her off with a passionate kiss.


This was the one person in Spencer that I was the most reluctant to see. When I left all those years ago he was the connection that was the most difficult to break. For me it was hard. I cried, I whined but I packed my bags and left. The truth is that he probably didn’t even notice. He said a few things to me that inspired my relocation. None of which I will go into here. Suffice it to say my heart was raw when I left and I had almost forgotten that till I saw him again. Where was that dammed cyclone.

Thankfully Alex didn’t notice me because his kiss and now his full focus was on Chase. The rivalry and dissent between these two men was palpable. I could see sparks and daggers coming out of their eyes. Ordinarily this would have been funny but Alex’s gift was unpredictable at best and right now he was emotionally unstable.

The two men exchanged verbal sparring while I chicken that I am tried to find a way to slink off in my bright red dress. At a crowded bar surrounded by people all of whom were twice my size. I hope you can appreciate m predicament.

From what I was forced to hear it seems that Chase was kicking Alex in the ass, business-wise and that now he was moving in on the territory. Alex took offence at Chase going beyond his professional and personal boundaries. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Did that mean that Alex and Sarah were together. The way he clutched her by the waist would speak YES.

Chase seemed unfazed by Alex’s rage. In fact he seemed to find it funny. That was until Alex clutched absently at Sarah. That seemed to light a fuse that Alex was not aware. Chase decided to part here. He gave a small speech about how he hoped Alex was better at maintaining personal relationships than he was at professional ones. He took Sarah’s hand and kissed it lightly. He then turned to me and said good bye.

Aside from all the information that was suddenly dumped in my lap. Alex giving me his full gaze had my stomach pushing up the little I had eating that night. He honestly had not seen me during the exchange and seemed speechless. I gave a weak smile standing there looking like a sore toe. Awkward, out of place it was painful to be so I can only imagine how it looked. I congratulated him on Sarah gave a weak smile. Then literally pushed my way out of the crowd.

Oh my God. That was not how I wanted that to go. I would have preferred for it to never have happened but anything else was better than that. My feelings about Alex were complicated. I was happy he found someone normal. If she wasn’t involved with another man she would be perfect. But that was normal right. What made me sick was the way he looked at me. Like I had just ruined his life by being there. I needed a place to hide.

Authors note:

Well hello again. You’ve finally met Alex. Are you still wondering about why she left? I thing it’s safe to say there are many questions left to ask. The most interesting so far is what is going on with her and Alex, Alex and Sarah and Sarah and Chase. Could her intuition be on the fritz?

If you like this post you might want to follow the story on my other blog The Spencer Chronicles.
Anyone wondering why the artefact is so important to her?


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