Welcome to the boys club Salt

Salt was patiently listening to his girlfriend Kate tell him why it was important to shine at the mayors fund raising gala for the eleventh time now. She was pacing in her custom made jimmy cho heels waring out his floors. Considering that this was his metal workshop where he kept his sander, vice and chainsaw that was saying something.
The shop was empty now and not very busy. It was late in the day and everyone was getting ready for the big party Reid was organising. The television was low in the background and the place was a mess, but it was Friday and he was busy this week. Normally she’d have been here earlier in the week to help out but since she left he didn’t have the heart to replace her. Kate was special but she got him on a way Kate couldn’t and wouldn’t. That said when he was done at work he very much liked going home to Kate.

He knew Kate was nervous because of all the celebrities and “political giants” that would be there. He thought the governor of Texas was coming but he couldn’t be sure. You would think the president was coming the way Kate was fussing.

He nodded at all the right points but kept silent while she went on , smiling to himself. It was easier to let her talk uninterrupted. Talking was okay for most people but with Salt having to listen was far more interesting. He didn’t only listen with his ears. If he kept quite he could often feel the vibe of someone which was a heck more accurate than what they were saying.

He didn’t know how, just that he had to be on the same level with the person. Literally. It had something to do with the persons resonance frequency. Or at least that’s what she and Taylor thought. He didn’t understand science and honestly didn’t care. Now machines made sense. Nuts and screws and wrenches. Even Kate was a mystery to him sometimes but when he was close to someone he could get a sense of them.

Like with Kate right now someone would hear bitchy and whiny. And he had to admit that her voice was high pitched when she was anxious but her vibe was worried anxious and surprisingly enough protective. She didn’t want Salt to be out shined by Reidl and Alex at the party.

She asked another question and he stated at her blankly.
“You’re right blue would be better .” She continued on again.

Salt turned his huge frame on the stool which by some miracle took his huge weight and began working on the engine on the table. When he was younger he tried to talk more to let people know what he was thinking but with his second growth spurt every time he talked he just made things worse. It felt like people expected him to breathe fire or something. Kate was one of the few people who wasn’t scared of him on sight. People were scared when he was around and it was worse because he could feel it. When they got scared they got stupid. It took him a while to realise that it was him just being there that freaked them out. Once he realised that he just stopped trying. It made his life do much easier now.

The talking thing was just a side benefit. People talked too much and when they did they never really said anything useful. He preferred saying useful things and thinking than filling up the silence. The silence didn’t bother him at all.

His phone rang. It was a video call from Taylor. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it. The phone was on silent so Kate did not stop talking.
He connected the call and saw a dark screen then a few minutes later a dimly lit face he assumed was Taylor.

Kate’s rant did not go unnoticed but Taylor was too excited to care.

“She’s here man. She’s here,”
The expression on Salt’s face prompted the next response from Taylor.

” Look I’m sure man. I know you’re busy but I thought you should know. Alex won’t pick up his phone and Reidl got..,disconnected. I tried to call back I think he had a heart attack man”

Salt simply grunted introspectively. Kate had turned toward him and stopped talking. She noticed his expression and was quiet for the first time in twenty minutes, but she didn’t like the silence like Salt did. With Taylor’s voice filling the small cavern of Salts hand there wasn’t need for any more noise.

“She is in a plane though. What should I do. I told Reidl and you know he’s crazy he might you know do something”

Then he was going off on a rant himself. Kate grabbed the phone from Salt and started talking to Taylor . In the next three minutes Salt realised again why he loved her so much. She got him to calm down enough to find out what airport.

Salt was focused on the problem and was already oblivious to Taylor’s now reseeding anxiety. He began thinking of the fastest route to the airport. He looked up at the television. A news report got his attention. He placed his hand on Kate’s waist and she turned to look up.

“Yeah Taylor I think Reidl’s is the least of your worried There is a tornado coming into town.”

Taylor screamed into the mic “a what?”

Salt sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
Reidl was definitely crazy. Out of all of them he was the one dealing with her loss the worst. In the beginning it was all right but in the last few weeks he had gone off the reservation.

Their abilities were a secret. Even Kate his long time girlfriend didn’t know. The last thing he was going to do was have a heart to heart about that little gem. What would people do if they knew. Freak out that’s what. It all came back to the fear. He would bet Reidl was responsible for the weather change and he had an idea just how he was doing it.


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