Welcome to the Boys club: Alex

Meet the boys Alex

Alex was a very busy man. Right now he was multi tasking. He was giving a dictation to his assistant, getting a work out and giving his secretary, Fred. An inferiority complex all at the same time.

Right now they were in his office in the pent house suite of the Plaza in the heart of Spencer. The cityscape side of Spencer was tall, cold, modern, industrial and intimidating to visitors.

His office was built in the classic old money style with lots of wood and marble but with modern soft furnishings. A tug of war between Mrs Brown and Sarah. The old and the new. Each woman saw the others style as a claim to Alex. He was oblivious to both. He just needed a place to work. Which was why he didn’t understand why they were both upset when he said they should hurry up and finish so he could get back to work. In his mind two weeks was more than enough time to paint a room and add some pillows.

His work out was a form of mixed martial arts. At least that was what he would tell Fred. If Fred ever asked. The real work out included something more, shall we say, energetic. How he would down play this building electric-charged energy field was beyond him but Fred had to get used to things like this just in case. You never knew what was around the corner. If Fred was skittish he’d rather find out sooner rather than later.

Alex was not an average man by any means. He was over six foot tall which today is not so impressive but his nature was imposing, something about his eyes. At least that was what he’d heard . He never had to work out to stay fit but he did so to alleviate tension. His physical strength came from many sources the first of which was his determination.

Born into the most influential family on spencer had given him privileges, yes but surviving within the families had always been an uphill struggle for him. Not that he would ever complain. He did talk to her about how he felt, but she wasn’t here anymore.

His phone rang. Fred grabbed it off the desk to look at the caller. Alex continued his dictation. In his mind Fred should be able to do both.
“It’s Taylor sir”

When Alex did not acknowledge his response. He ignored the call and grabbed the tablet he had set aside and continued typing.

Fred was nervous about working for him. Right now Alex had not decided if that was good or bad. Mrs Brown had been his fathers personal assistant. She thought this also meant she would be his Personal assistant, but she was pushing seventy. He said he wanted an Assistant that could keep up with the technology but really he wanted an assistant he could boss about and he couldn’t do that with Mrs Brown. She had raised him and since his father….what was Fred saying?

Alex’s phone began to ring again. He knew it was Taylor again and he ignored it again. Then a few minutes later a bleep indicated a text message. By now Alex was done with his letter and dismissed Fred.

“Make sure Mr. Chase gets the letter, personally” he told Fred.
He went to his phone to see just what had Taylor all excited , again. After she left Reidl had been a much needed buffer for Taylor’s antics. He was attached to Taylor but sometimes he could just not handle his mania.

He grabbed his bottle of Water to take a drink as he unlocked his phone. The words he read chilled him to the bone. He didn’t even realise he had dropped the bottle till Fred’s hand brushed by his foot.

“Are you alright sir?”

Message : Taylor

She’s here NOW


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