Welcome to The Boy’s Club : Taylor

Taylor was sitting in front of a bank of monitors. Alone again on a Friday night. He could have hooked up with Reid but it seemed Reid was doing his partying for show. Which meant two things.
One they were most likely supermodels who were only interested in Reid and his connections.
Two Reid was mostly likely going to be showing them off and ignoring them all night. It was going to be more interesting in his Man Cave. That’s what she called it anyway. She knew it bothered him being the youngest in the group but she never treated him like he was too young. Not like Alex did. He missed her.

He missed kicking her ass in Call of Duty. Three years ago she left. She always emailed and there was Skype, but it wasn’t the same.

His character died and he fought the urge to kick his Xbox. He died over a stupid mistake, not only did he have to wait but this kill was going to murder his ranking. She had to come back soon. If only to save his ranking.

He went to his computer ready to post something mean to his team when he noticed the alert. “Target in Spencer” . He grabbed at his phone and dropped twice. She was here. He was calling the phone while tapping the keyboard.

A while ago Reid showed up agitated asking where she was and how to find her. He told him he didn’t have a fix on her but that he would create a bot to ping her location. Some of it was technically illegal. The other bits were Taylor’s special brand of awesome.

Even though Reid was being weird it did seem like a good idea to know where she was, right. She was family. She would kill him if she ever found out about …. The message gave a read out that was both weird and upsetting. She was in Spencer alright but would be gone in a out ten minutes if she kept moving the way she was going. That meant she was in Spencer but that she was on a plane and would be gone soon.

Reid was on the phone now and Taylor was telling him the same thing. The noise in the background meant a party. At first Reid it seamed like Reid didn’t hear him. Either that or he didn’t understand but when he said she is here. She’s in Spencer the line went dead and he heard someone screaming.


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