Arriving in Spencer

There were quite a few thinks I was worried about. The foremost being those tense moments when the plane would be flying over Spencer. The town was great for a tiny metropolis.

Everyone pretty much knew everything about you including what you were doing and would do in the future. You whole life was mapped out.

Before my sabbatical I was. Spencer-starlet through and through. I was in with the families. Not like the mafia or anything that dramatic. I could never be quite so interesting. I had it all in the ways that mattered.

Alex was the heir apparent to the Danvers throne. His fathers family owned Spencer. The literally owned the land and most of the swamp land surrounding the borders. Alex was cool though, always thinking. He was also deeply intense in the way only teenage girls could understand. I am sorry to say I was such a teenage girl and thinking about still made me sick.

Reidl was different. He was the life of the party. When he was little, about five he was sick all the time and had to stay inside but when he turned seven everything changed. A light just came on inside him and refused to go out. I had a suspicion about why.

Taylor was my guy. He was the little brother I wished I had and I loved having him in my life. He was, however the biggest pain in the ass. Always telling me when I did something wrong. At least Reidl would finesse his suggestions. Taylor was just blunt. His intensional were always pure though.

Salt was my rock. He gave new meaning to the strong silent type. Being over six feet at age thirteen he had it rough. Everyone had a healthy respect for the families but Salt was the first person everyone looked at with actual fear. He stopped talking in junior high. He could communicate with us but he never really said anything other than grunt. Since his introversion got him Sarah I thought it was a fair trade off.

Yeah everything was good for me then. I had a phenomenal life, I had a family but after THE EVENT. There was no other choice but to leave.

Now as irritating as that sounded that was not why I left. I had managed three blissful Spencer free years and now i was heading straight for it in a metal tube container. I had even managed to get a great seat last minute.

Great odds right? Wrong. I knew I had unwittingly walked right into a trap and that somehow this plane would land in Spencer.

As the fasten seat belt sign came on I sighed in relief. I guess I would have to face the music sometime right? I just hoped it would be later rather than sooner.


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